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Operation Orphan Rescue

Change a Life Foundation and our partners have come together to enact Operation Orphan Rescue. Our key goal within this mission is to create sustainability and initiate actual changes within the lives of these children for Christ. We implement holistic farming villages, micro-enterprise, agriculture and water, and the building of churches.

Holistic Farming Villages

The holistic farming villages are equipped with livestock and gardens, which provides for the dietary needs of the families (which consumes 40% of the production, allowing 60% to be sold by the family to generate profit). These villages incorporate churches, homes for vulnerable orphans, areas for crops and animals that provide food, and sources of micro-enterprise and a community gathering place.

Image by Annie Spratt

Agriculture & Water

In collaboration with our partners, Change a Life Foundation has successfully secured the implementation of an advanced deep well water management system, which evolutionizes the sustainability and well-being of those living in our holistic farming villages.

Micro Enterprise & Education

Widows and grandmothers will have the opportunity to start businesses through the creation of the broiler bird-rearing micro-enterprise. By involving the local community and instilling a sense of ownership, we cultivate an environment where economic, spiritual, and personal growth thrive.

Free Range Poultry Farm
Image by Mathew Schwartz

Church Buildings & Homes

In collaboration with our partner International Cooperating Ministries, Change a Life Foundation constructs church buildings for the holistic farming villages. These spaces will provide a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and fellowship, fostering a sense of belonging and hope for the children.

Spreading the Word

Change A Life Foundation and our partners ship thousands of Bibles to Zimbabwe to support new believers. The Jesus Film Project has led many people to accept Christ, but there are a shortage of Bibles in Africa. Providing these Bibles help pastors nurture a strong community of believers and give impoverished children a solid biblical foundation.

Image by Timothy Eberly
Image by bennett tobias


Here you can view all the photos keep up to date with the progress of our children villages and more. We have photos from our most recent events, as well as photos of our children and their families. Our gallery is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often for the latest photos and updates!


At Change A Life Foundation, we are proud to be actively working on building and expanding our Operation Orphan Villages in Sub-Saharan Africa. Keep up with the latest updates on their progress, and learn about the impact we are making in these communities. We post regular updates on our website so you can follow along and stay informed. 

Taken on a trip in 2016 with World Vision to Sierra Leone.__Releases obtained__See all the
Image by Cytonn Photography

Our Partners

The Change a Life Foundation unites resources to bring positive transformations worldwide. Through partnerships, we extend our reach, sharing Christ's message. In sub-Saharan Africa, we initiate impactful projects, focusing on sustainable Biblical stewardship. To ensure effectiveness and transparency, our three-tiered partnership structure aligns contributions and fosters mutual accountability among partners.

Explore a Village

Explore our Operation Orphan Villages as we unveil our visionary approach to providing a nurturing home for the orphan children residing within these communities.

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