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Operation Orphan Rescue


Change a Life Foundation and our Partners have come together to enact “Operation Orphan Rescue”.

Our key goal within this mission is to create sustainability and initiate actual changes within the lives of these children for Christ. The project will implement Holistic Farming Villages, humanitarian aid, micro-enterprise, agriculture and water and the building of churches and homes for families.



Holistic Farming Villages

The “holistic villages” will be equipped with livestock and gardens, which will provide for the dietary needs of the families (which would consume 40% of the production, allowing 60% to be sold by the family to generate profit).


The Villages will incorporate churches, homes for vulnerable orphans, areas for crops and animals that provide food and sources of micro-enterprise and a community gathering place.

Humanitarian Aid

Through our Partnerships, we are providing weekly food supplies to widowed mothers to take home to their children, so they do not have to make the heart wrenching decision of placing them in an orphanage in order to be fed.

Micro Enterprise

Widows and Grandmothers will have the opportunity to start a new business through the creation of the Broiler Bird Rearing micro-enterprise.

                                                        Agriculture and Water
Alongside our Partners, Change a Life Foundation has secured the development of a “deep well” water management system.
 The system will be implemented in the “Holistic Villages”.
Church Building & Children’s Homes

Through our Partner International Cooperating

Ministries (ICM), Change a Life Foundation

is constructing Church buildings for the

“Holistic Villages”.





To learn more, download our project proposal for Operation Orphan Rescue in Zimbabwe (40kb).

Bringing it All Together


For my father and mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.

Psalm 27:10

Our Mission

The mission of Change a Life Foundation is to bring together resources, acting upon and resulting in positive life changes.

Our Mission

Our Vision

This Foundation exists to reach people of all nations for Christ so they in turn can disciple change in the lives of others.

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