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It is the mission of Change a Life Foundation to bring together resources, acting upon and resulting in positive life changes.  Walking in step with our mission, we have been led to partner with several organizations to help reach people of all nations for Christ. These partnerships have allowed us to begin work in the deeply impoverished nations in the southern parts of Africa providing churches and homes for vulnerable orphans, micro-enterprise for widowed mothers, clothes, short-term mission teams, medical supplies, Bibles and so many more life changing necessities.  With our partners, we have established a three-tiered partnership which was designed to align our gifts and create accountability to one another.

The Church Alliance Partnership




We are building relationships with churches to serve their local community and the children of Operation Orphan Rescue, by getting the church members passionate about discipleship and serving people. Together with the church, we collect items to furnish homes as part of Operation Orphan Rescue, provide service and discipleship training (Life Transformation Groups) for the benefit of short term missions to Operation Orphan Rescue sites and organize food packing events.  In return, the church members are energized to do the same in their local community.

Change a Life Foundation has partnered with the local church to enact “Operation Orphan Rescue” at the Tanyardzwa Orphanage in Zimbabwe.  This church will be the “grass roots” partner, providing willing hands to build the homes and churches which they support and help prosper.

In the alliance, Change a Life Foundation supports the church in these areas:

• Food packing events (twice annually preferably)

• Short-term missions trips

• Serving and discipleship programs

• Empowering your members to serve and disciple the children and the people in the village

It's About The Orphans - Financial contributions are greatly appreciated and accepted in association with the Church Alliance, but our true goals are to obtain the needed items for homes, work together on food-packing events, and to create an ongoing relationship between the church and the children.

By collecting the items to furnish the children’s homes together, the church family “adopts” the children within a specific home enabling them to build direct relationships with them. Often this fellowship leads to a desire to become a part of the mission work, and so the food packing events benefit the children and local church by helping facilitate and pay for the short term missions teams.

In many of the countries we serve, unstable economies make the purchase of the goods far more expensive than items are in the United States which means that there is more value in purchasing items in the U.S. and shipping them to the homes.

Short Term Missions Trips

As a part of being a Church Alliance Partner there are several opportunities throughout the year for your church to go visit the Operation Orphan Rescue Village your sponsoring.  Each trip usually lasts 7 to 10 days and often times your team will get to participate in the following:

  • Bible Teaching

  • Bible Planting

  • Jesus Film Project through Campus Crusade for Christ

  • Food distribution

  • Construction

  • Friendship Evangelism

  • Sharing your testimony at the church planted next to each Operation Orphan Rescue Village


Spreading The Word


Working with Jesus Film Project in Zimbabwe



Food Packing Events

One of the most exciting aspects of becoming a Church Alliance Partner is getting involved with the Food Packing events in your community.  These food packing events are sponsored by you the Church Alliance Partner, as an outreach event designed for your entire community.

Here are just a few ways a food packing event touches your community while also feeding the vulnerable orphans at the Operation Orphan Rescue Village:

  • Involve your local fire station, food kitchens, Chamber of Commerce, local corporations, etc. etc. to donate and participate in the annual food packing event (Potentially donate up to 20% to local food kitchens and or hold for regional emergencies or disasters in your local community)

  • Build a donor list of potential major gift donors who currently are not in your church to share the vision

  • Notify your local radio stations about your food packing events and how they can donate to the event.

  • Put on a benefit concert with a percentage of the ticket sales going towards your churches orphan ministry

  • Form a fundraising committee to come up with fundraising ideas that are centric to your community and line up with the gifts of your church members

  • Launch a t-shirt campaign to raise for the food packing events and short term missions trip (list local corporate sponsors on back of t-shirt as an idea)

Small Groups

Lastly, our Church Alliance Partnership involves implementing a 10 week discipleship program called “A Journey With Christ.”  This curriculum is an option for the entire church to use and includes everyone from those who pray for your orphan ministry, people who give to the physical needs of the orphans, participants in the food packing events, or those who sign up to go on one of the short term mission trips to the actual Operation Orphan Rescue Village.

Regardless of your role in your church's orphan ministry, we are all on the same journey with Christ. Therefore, it is imperative we encourage each other to prepare, maximize, and stick with the path Christ has set forth before us (Proverbs 3:5-6).

In Country “Grass Roots” & National Partners



A partnership has been established with Life International (Life Ministry in Zimbabwe) who has been directly overseeing the project.  Our National Partners are also instrumental in establishing key relationships, coordinating the efforts of the application process and implementation of program initiatives.  It is through our partners that we obtain and share best practices for positive and sustainable change.

International Partners


Change a Life Foundation is honored to partner with Campus Crusade for ChristBible League International, The Jesus Film Project, International Cooperating Ministries (ICM), Bible League International and Global Aid Network (GAiN) to fully complete the holistic village model where economic, spiritual and personal growth is fostered.


Alliance Resources

Please inquire about our back office resources, where Partners & Alliances can download documents, review updates and share best practices! 

For my father and mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.

Psalm 27:10

Our Mission

The mission of Change a Life Foundation is to bring together resources, acting upon and resulting in positive life changes.


Our Vision

This Foundation exists to reach people of all nations for Christ so they in turn can disciple change in the lives of others.

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