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Change A Life Foundation is dedicated to transforming lives by providing homes for those in need. During our insightful interview with the director, our partnership uncovers a poignant reality: a considerable number of these children have parents or grandparents who, sadly, face the hardship of economic collapse and drought, rendering them unable to support themselves. Poignantly, many parents and grandparents express their heartfelt longing to be reunited with their beloved children, given the opportunity to ensure their nourishment and well-being.

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Our Operation Orphan feeding program ensures that children receive three nutritious meals each day. Additionally, we have successfully facilitated the reintegration of children who are not double orphans into the loving care of their parents or grandparents, alleviating a significant financial burden from the children's villages.

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Operation Orphan Rescue is dedicated to creating a safe haven for vulnerable children who lack parents or family support. We accomplish this by establishing children's villages that serve as a new family for these children. Within the intimate setting of a small village, our mission integrates a sustainable program that involves the Church, a dedicated Pastor, and Foster Parents who provide nurturing care to the children.

Constructing Homes

Through a strong collaboration with the local Church and Life International, we have the privilege of being able to construct homes that accommodate up to eight children each. These homes are thoughtfully furnished with essential items including furniture, bedding, and kitchen supplies. Thanks to our partnership with GAIN, these necessary provisions will be conveniently delivered to the villages.

The Process
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