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Voice Of Peace Organization Report March 2021

Borrowdale home completed awaits Inspection

We are grateful with the progress at Borrowdale Children's Home. The home is now

complete and awaiting approval from the Ministry of Social Welfare.

Once it is approved it will be able to accommodate orphaned children. A lot of children have been struggling since its closure and such progress is of paramount importance as it provides relief to orphaned children who have faced different types of abuse in the community they are living.

There have been reports of ill-treatment, physical and emotional abuse amongst the orphaned children hence this completion brings joy to orphans

and other stakeholders

The home is expected to continue taking care of both genders hence the renovation of boys and girls dormitories; moreover, completed buildings comprises toilets, bathrooms, dining, kitchen with solar powered water supply and gas powered stoves.

Food Distribution for Pastors

In Zimbabwe January is known for bringing hardships amongst people. This is so due to responsibilities it brings as children will be going to school and savings would have dwindled by the festive season. Pastors just like everyone else are hit by such a conundrum hence it was great loosening the burden through food distribution of basic commodities towards them. It is always wonderful remembering brethren in Christ taking of the sheep especially in this Covid-19 inflicted world.

Jeremiah 17:16 : As for me, I have not hastened from being a pastor to follow thee: neither have I desired the woeful day; thou knowest: that which came out of my lips was right before thee.

Schools Reopens

We are delighted with the reopening of schools at Daniel Academy. With hundreds of orphaned children benefiting through educational empowerment; It is just great joy witnessing dreams brewed with passion, commitment and dedication. Schools brings spiritual enhancement, guidance and counselling moral standards endorsement, networking, family hood and social interactions among others.

Without stronger support systems due to fragile backgrounds reopening of schools is

of great importance as is enables nurturing of dreams and alignment of goals as well as ambitions. With over 40 candidates sitting for final exam the dream is alive.

Daniel Academy Construction Progresses

The school building is progressing. We are glad that Covid-19 regulations were loosened and has helped a lot in the mobility of resources including labor. With all materials on the ground the projects is expected to be speeding up and we are grateful and delighted with that. We continue working hard to ensuring we finish on time. We are committed and dedicated and everyone is working hard to ensure the project is efficiently done up to perfection.

Psychosocial Support Key Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

A large number of children we are supporting in Epworth come from fractured background. There are suffering from mental disorders due to the environment they are exposed to daily especially amid Covid-19 pandemic resulting in early child pregnancies, school drop outs, prostitution among others. In spite of the high burden of disease or poor socio-economic outcomes caused by mental illness policy makers have not appropriately prioritized investments in mental health in primary care, specialist care or in non-health sectors. Its through advocating for human rights, peace and equality that mental health of our children is enhanced.

Caregivers and guardians shared their predicaments in relation to such an issue .We are closely monitoring and evaluating its progress.


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