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Tanyaradzwa Children's Home Report May 2020

Updated: Feb 15, 2021


This report seeks to give an outline and update on the activities carried out by Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home for the past five months. Multiple challenges have been faced and will thus be highlighted in this report. Measures to counter the challenges will be suggested.

Activities And Developments

Electrified children’s houses at Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home.

The process to electrified Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home was completed at the end of May. The electrification of Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home will go a long way in alleviating the plight of the children resident at the home. Also, office work will definitely be made easy in terms of producing reports timeously.

Income generating projects

The institution managed to plant tomatoes at the start of the month of March. The tomatoes have ripened and are ready for marketing. The home also made strides in ensuring self-sufficiency in terms of food through the planting of the giant english rape variety. The vegetable variety has now started selling with the main consumers being from the local community.

Building Project

Brick moulding for our infant school (ECD) building project

The organization has managed to mold bricks earmarked for the construction of an Early Childhood Development learners block at the institution. The construction of the ECD block will go a long way in ensuring compliance with the National Residential Child Care Standards which require child care institutions to have a learning center for young children. The community assisted in the brick molding process. The bricks molded are captioned overleaf.

Challenges Faced and Recommendations

A plethora of challenges have been faced and the novel corona virus and its debilitating effects have not helped the cause of the organization. Some of the major challenges faced are highlighted below:

The water storage tank at the institution is just one and to compound the situation small to fully cater for domestic use let alone provide sufficient water for the market gardening activities and the general flower and lawn watering maintenance.

To this end, there is need for a bigger water tank to support the gardening project. The organization is currently using a single 5000 liter tank for both gardening and household use and the tank is overwhelmed. The tank currently being used is captioned overleaf.

Single 5000 liter tank at Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home

In relation to the above challenge, the other challenge is that of the submersible pump which is currently being used. Due to the fact that the institution now has a promising market gardening project, the small pump will have breakdowns, thus there is need to have a one horse power pump installed together with the securing of a pressure tank to improve the efficacy of the pump.

Picture showing the current state of the church or multipurpose hall

Another challenge is that of the unavailability of a multipurpose hall to be used for various functions. The roofing of the multipurpose hall which was once being used for church purposes is now in a ramshackle state and as such it needs to be repaired and re-roofed. The provision of roofing trusses and truck loads of thatching grass will help in maintaining the church cum multipurpose hall in a better state. The picture overleaf shows the current state of the church or multipurpose hall.

The other challenges are those of a financial nature due to the macro-economic environment prevailing in the country. This has caused the crippling of the institution’s operations with salaries for the institution’s supporting staff being eroded by the runaway inflation. This challenge can be overcome if the institution manages to have a viable self-sustaining project which will boost the finances thereof.

Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home currently does not have an official organizational vehicle which can be used in emergencies like taking sick children to the hospital and the transportation of agricultural produce to the market.


To cap it all, barring the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Tanyaradzwa Children’s Home has managed to make in-roads in as much as its general outlook is concerned.

It is thus hoped that it will continue on this trajectory for the ultimate good of the vulnerable child.

Tanyaradzwa Children's Home Vision

A Life of Joy, Dignity and Accomplishment to disadvantaged Children .

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