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Rose of Sharon Report May 2020

Our first quarter did not end well as the nation and the world at large was greatly disturbed by the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic. During the lockdown Rose of Sharon found it necessary for the children together with their leaders to engage in various activities and this included the harvesting of maize, gardening, home school and church activities. Our primary goal was to maintain food security by producing a bumper harvest of more than three tons of maize, as well as training our children to enhance their lifetime skills through hands-on learning. All of our homes created gardens of their own and turns were being taken from watering the gardens, adding manure as well as checking for pesticides. Our children and employees have been very energetic towards this project and all our homes are flourishing with chemical free and organic vegetables.

Gardening And Farming

The maize and vegetables will be utilized for the everyday meals by the children. So far our children have acquired considerable knowledge and experience on how to garden and maize crop farming through these activities. The maize project has helped the orphanage in maintaining nutrition security. Our gratitude also goes to you our wingless angels for the great service of ministering to the needs of orphans through your financial donations.


Though the children have been forced to spend time in isolation, it has been amazing to note how they have adapted creatively to the new restrictions and continued their church. This includes activities through television, bible talks, short films, interactive activities, songs and prayers. Children were holding their own church services.

every Sunday while they were quarantined in their homes. The children led their church services and performed beautiful music and preaching. Prayer time tables were also created and this helped the children to keep up with their faith. The older children also created prayer groups via social media like WhatsApp. Every Sunday the children would take the lead in their services from singing, reading the word of God, preaching and they also took advantage of this time to afford the opportunity for bible discussions and questions. This also gave them the opportunity to be actively involved by presenting their unique gifts as well as worshiping and learning together as a family.


Due to Covid-19, the children have not been able to receive formal education as usual. However, the children managed to start their homeschooling whilst quarantined in their homes. Each home has a teacher and the children are getting used to their new classroom setup as well as a new learning environment. Their syllabus includes daily lessons and time tables. However the tutors are focusing more on the most important subjects in which the students will benefit and also focusing more on exam classes. The children have also been taking advantage of the internet and e-learning has been of great use. The teachers will also be checking their progress as usual whilst giving feedback to their leaders. Though these times are tough and challenging the orphanage had to take measures to ensure that children don’t lag behind when it comes to school. Our preschool is going well with our youngest children completing lessons every day.

The children have been enjoying their lessons and they are doing well in their academics. The children are filled with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. The children in nursery complete their lessons in the morning till midday and spend the rest of their day playing.


The children also have enough free time after classes to play and socialize while others take this time to watch tv. The children have plenty of time to enjoy their games during this lockdown in the sun and fresh air.


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