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Rose of Sharon Report July 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Rose of Sharon is an organization that caters for 120 children aged 18 and below. Our children are currently attending school and are about to complete their second term exams.


Our children have been attending school and they are almost done with their second term of

2022. Both the primary and secondary are currently busy writing their mid-year exams.

The term is almost back to normal since there was not Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. However, the economic hardships have greatly affected our operations because of the high costs of living which are coupled with the hyperinflation environment that we are operating in and have affected our day to day living.

They have also been attending church every Sunday. The children have been taking turns when it comes to preaching, midweek prayers have also been done and every Friday is a day of fasting and worshiping the Lord.


During the second term we have been engaged in various projects which include potatoes,

vegetables and broiler projects. Our potato project which began last year in November is still going on, the potatoes are being harvested every week and they are being consumed

by the children and being used in everyday meals.

The potatoes are helping us to cut costs as the children include them in their meals.

Broiler project

As the year progresses our staff and children are now well experienced in the broiler project.

Due to the limited funds our current batch had 200 chicks but however it was affected by the

cold weather and load shedding hence about 32 chicks died but the rest survived and they

will be ready for slaughter in a week s’ time. Our team has learnt many lessons, but they finally have a grip on how to optimize broiler production during the winter season.

Tomatoes and vegetables

The winter season greatly affected our tomato crop hence most of them wilted. We have however replanted our tomato crop and it is promising to yield a harvest. We thank our youths and staff for working hard in order to see these projects succeeding.

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