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Rose of Sharon Report April 2022

As Rose of Sharon, we now take pride in our potato project which has become an annual project. This project takes place at our horticultural projects Centre in Marlborough with the help of our projects manager. This year the project has become another success story regardless of the inconsistency of the rains. Though the project started on January, which is a bit late, the potatoes have already matured. Our garden which covers about three hectares is already flourishing with green leaves of potatoes which are looking healthy and almost ready to be harvested. The potatoes are highly consumed with the children every year and helps them to balance their diet. This year we continued to nurture and impart skills in our children by making them assist in the plantation of the potatoes.

In order to avoid starvation and malnutrition our vegetable gardens continue to flourish with green vegetables. We ensure that they are in place all year round since they are consumed almost every day by the children. Our teens are now well versed in the vegetable projects since each home has a backyard garden. They have been learning a lot in terms of preparing the soil and manure, planting the vegetables, watering them and disease management. However, the rains were not consistent, and it almost affected this project soon after plantation.

We had to take a big step of faith and to our amazement the maize gained its life back and we are looking forward to a bumper harvest this year. We are excited since we have managed to climb the barricades by growing our own maize during this time when the nation is facing severe economic challenges. We are looking forward to harvest at least 5 tons of maize this year which will be consumed by the children up to next year


Our broiler project has continued since last year and it has become a success story. We always endeavor to ensure that the children have a proper diet, and the broilers project has been helping us to achieve this goal. As we continue this project our staff and children have become well experienced, and they now have a strong grip in the execution of the broiler project since they have been doing it for over a year now. Our children have been excited about this project and they are being encouraged to adopt poultry rearing as a profession in future. Our current batch has 200 chicks, and we expect to slaughter them in six weeks’ time. Praise God, for bringing us this far.

Junior Councilors

We are also very excited to announce that our very own student Takunda Gumbo was elected as the Junior Mayor of Ruwa town council for 2022. We praise God for such a remarkable achievement.


The children promised to show their gratitude by ensuring that the books remain in good condition so that they serve their purpose not only to them but to generations to come. The books are kept in our well-maintained and controlled library with the assistance of our librarian.

Computer lab Research Centre

Our students have been taking advantage of our computer lab which was furnished with brand new computers last year and renovated this year. The computers are user-friendly, fast, and efficient for students and teachers. The learners are accessing the lab at any time during the day. This has helped us with improved students’ performance

Success Stories

As Rose of Sharon, we are very excited because our children who set for November 2021 Zimsec Exams did exceptionally well. We are very pleased for such a remarkable success. Our highest students were Antony Kasi who attained 17 points and Daisi Denzel Son who attained 15 points and at A-Level. Both of them are young men who were dedicated, devoted and worked very hard in school. We are also pleased to announce that our Son Tinashe Chari who Joined Rose of Sharon at the age of 5 and sat for his A-Level examination last year managed to attain 13 points.

Sports news

Sports play an integral role in the school’s endeavor to support and nurture individual pupils with diverse abilities and every year it is pleasing to see what our students can achieve. In order to keep up with the aim of our school to develop each individual to his/her potential, the students were very excited to be participating in sport and preparing for the upcoming inter-schools competition.

Nursery and Primary Schools

Our nursery is running well and our children are enjoying their first years in school. Most of them are already ahead in as far as reading and writing is concerned. We currently have two teachers assisting the nursery school as well as homework’s and holiday lessons. Our primary students have been attending school since February when it was opened. Our children are back on the track despite the small Covid setbacks. Our students are attending nearby local schools which are Green Olive, Zimre Primary and St Vincent and they are all Government schools. They have been doing exceptionally well in their academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

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