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Esteemed Children Trust Report July 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


ECT is a non-profit organization registered in Zimbabwe under the Companies & Association Trustee Act (Chapter 24:04). Its main area of operation is child protection, specifically focusing on orphan and vulnerable children (OVC). Major organizational activities for the last quarter vary from child sponsorship, advocacy engagements, COVID-19 awareness and food hamper donation distributions for poverty alleviation. Hereunder is an ECT last quarter report ending June 2022.

Summary of Achievement

Stakeholder Engagement

Esteemed Children Trust is so grateful that on the 2nd of May, we had an opportunity to engage with Don Wooden at one of our operational centers in Epworth. The organization appreciates the efforts, the passion, the commitment and the love for Christ and being a good stewardship. We learn and we continue to be the good stewardship for the children’s cause. And we re-affirm our commitment to propagate the seed. The engagement had far reached effects to both the organization and the kids as well.

We are praying that the spirit, the passion and the commitment for children’s’ cause, that was ignited on that engagement continues to burn and that all the discussions and resolutions put forth come to fruition.

Children Activities

As a result of school re-opening after an incessant period of COVID-19, we have not had an elaborate time for children's activities apart from food hamper donations visits, which will be held normally after school, where there will be no time for long engagements. Apart from visits for food distribution, we have had an opportunity for the children during Don’s visit. There was time for interactions with Don and the visitors, and the children were so happy. More importantly, with the gifts given to them. On behalf of the children, the organization is extending much appreciation to Don Wooden and the CAL foundation for such support. We hope to do more engagements during the holiday where the kids will be at home.

It will be also important to engage after quite a time of non-engagement due to COVID-19. Experiences will be shared on COVID-19 and other experiences during such a troublesome period.

Poverty and hunger alleviation

We have been engaging with ROPKA since last year and progress and partnership is commendable. ROPKA supports on poverty eradication, they extend food hampers (basic food) to kids on both areas in Epworth and Caledonia. They give after every six weeks, and for this year we have received four times. There are few challenges in this regard, including the need of a delivery vehicle, which sometimes delays the distribution process whenever we have a donation. We have shared this challenge during the meeting with Don. However, we are so grateful that we have managed to give the kids food, whether COVID or not COVID.

Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship continued to take shape during the last quarter. The organization is so glad that other sponsors joined to sponsor individual children with whatever needs they may require, like school fees, monthly food among other things. One of Esteemed Board members has joined child sponsorship and she is happily sponsoring one child in Epworth since January this year.

Sustainable Projects

As we highlighted during the meeting on May 2nd, that we are pleased to do the piggery project, of which preparations had begun. However, we have learnt during the meeting that the project should be close to the kids so that they take charge in the management of it thereof. Previously, we had opted to do the project in Chivhu, which is located 60km away from Harare, of which it will be difficult to make the children involved. Regard be had to that; we halted the proceeding of the project in Chivhu and that we look for an area close to the capital which will make the children easier to be involved at any stage and time of its progression. That being said, the Chivhu pigsty preparations has been halted until we find an area close to Harare.

Highlights of challenges

We can highlight two prominent challenges ranging from sustainability challenges and transport challenges, especially for food distribution and visits.

Possible Solutions

The only possible way to bail the organization is to venture into a sustainable project, such as the piggery project, which will soon be venturing to.


We recommend the organization to venture into sustainability projects and prioritize that in order to evade imminent challenges it is facing at the moment.


ECT is very much grateful for the progress recorded this far pertaining to programming of this invaluable charity work over this period ending June 2022. It is our belief as ECT, given the current drive with which the organization is moving, that we are bounding for the achievement of the ultimate vision of the organization. As we are going into another lap treading this road this coming year 2022, we are anticipating greater prospects of transformation into another trajectory.

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