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Emmanuel Homestead Report September 2020


This quarter saw the continued closure of schools because of the lockdown extended due to COVID-19 pandemic. This indeed was a noble move by the government to preserve lives. However, some children attended classes or lessons through zoom. Again we are grateful unto the Lord because none of our children and godly parents contracted COVID-19.

We managed to paint the housing units to give a new look to the orphanage. The lockdown provided ample time to effectively do the work. Movement was limited thus activities were confined to the Home.

Early September, the lockdown was made flexible and the church met as a large group at the orphanage. A discipleship group was established. Our sustainable projects did quite well in the lockdown by His Grace.

Housing Units

A new look given as a result of painting of some housing units. Some decorations were made to all of the housing units so that the buildings become children friendly.

Education And Health Support

A third of our children continued to learn through zoom, group studies, one-on- one with private tutors. This was common particularly for exam classes or candidates, Grade 7, Form 4s and 6s.The majority were at home waiting for the upliftment of the lockdown. The Cambridge students opened on the 14th of September 2020 and subsequently, the Zimsec candidates will open on the 28 of the same month.

School Fees

Some schools demanded payment of fees which was done for the some children with private tutors only the teachers were paid. Zoom or virtual learning costs were high and not anticipated. However, every cost was met to ensure the education of the children was supported.

Life Skills Development

Children were involved in some life skills routine activities like land preparation, feeding of pigs, traditional chickens, guinea fowls, turkeys and rearing of goats and sheep.

Seeing the rampant use of technology and virtual learning in this lockdown era, the children were trained in online safety and dangers of social media as a way of empowering them.

The other training that took place was that of the caregivers/godly parents who had a refresher course on Psychosocial support training. This saw a number of them participating fully well and a number recovering and healing from their own psychosocial traumatic experiences

Sustainable Projects


This quarter saw nine of our sows being bulled or serviced. We lost a number of piglets(21) due to inbreeding. We had to purchase a durock boar to avoid inbreeding which cost us dearly. We however by the grace of God expect an increase in number of about 45 assuming that each sow gives us 5 piglets each. One sow furrowed 6 piglets which are growing strong and healthy. We bought some pig concentrate to mix with maize grain to improve their nutrition. The pigs were also dosed and vaccinated against some common diseases by the local government veterinary officer.

Goats and Sheep

The goats gave birth to 4 kids and the sheep likewise also gave 4 lambs. All of them were healthy and growing up well. Like the pigs, they were also vaccinated.

Traditional chickens

The traditional chickens and turkeys had begun laying eggs in this quarter. To date the chickens had 12 crates of eggs but however we only managed to send 6 to a hatchery late September. The turkey had one crate sent to the hatchery. From the eggs sent to the hatchery we only got 40 chicks. The low output was attributed to eggs that had overstayed. We were taught that eggs were supposed to be delivered to the hatchery within a week for better results.

Orchard Project

We expanded our orchard by making use of the land which could not be utilized for crop farming since there is a lot of gravel. To date about 50 grafted fruit trees have been planted. More are still to be planted.

Memorial Garden

A memorial garden was established at Emmanuel Homestead courtesy of support from Shirley Scaffetta in honor of her late husband David and friend Gloria Sharp. We are grateful unto the Lord for her generosity and support to the Home. This is the third time she supported the Home. On the first instance they drilled a borehole and footed all the installation costs including purchase of the 5000L tank and stand. The second time was when they beautified the tank to make it children friendly and bought some paint to brighten the Home too. The garden will bring good memories of the good works and deeds Gloria and David did to Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

Children Ministry continued only on Sunday following relaxing of lockdown measures. Youths were involved in discipleship ministry and evangelism. Both groups started ball games soccer and netball as evangelism strategies. This has seen an increase in the number of youths in the church as a result of this initiative. The youths shall be having an outing on the 26th of September

Sunday school class


In this reporting period we saw the conversion of a once Muslim family giving their lives to Christ. The father of the house was jobless though educated all the while that he was a Muslim. After a month when He gave his life to Christ he got a job at a very good school where he coaches tennis and is paid in American dollars, something he never dreamt of all his life and his testimony has changed.

Our sanctuary was also beautified during the quarter and because of active evangelism its close to full capacity on Sunday services. Children are now having their services separately.


The orphanage has gotten into yet another partnership with a Esteemed Children Trust in Epworth- Harare. This organization has more than 15 years doing children activities and is led by a Pastor –Madrine. They are doing quite well in terms of children programming. We are yet to visit them as Coordinators once the lockdown is over.

We have applied for partnership with another organization that offers psychosocial program-REPSSI (Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative). Once done this partnership will go a long way in strengthening our community component.

Foster Parenting

Emmanuel homestead saw the introduction of three babies, triplets who were born to an HIV positive single mom with breast cancer. The woman had twins before she gave birth to the triplets and yet not employed. The organization provided for food basket for the family and milk formulas for the babies.

Psychosocial support

We also continued to offer psychosocial support and Corona virus awareness to foster homes and surrounding communities. Some child headed households have become peer educators who stand to offer support and awareness to their peers within the communities.

Psychosocial support remains an ongoing exercise in our operation areas.

Church Commissioning

In partnership with ICM, we saw the completion and the commissioning of the sanctuary in Epworth Harare. This is a hundred seater sanctuary, while Makorokoro is next to be commissioned in the coming weeks. Chitungwiza also is about 75% complete

Epworth was commissioned in August

Makorokoro commissioned end of September

Chisiya Halfway Home is 50% complete.


Coordination continued with sister children homes, Rose of Sharon, Tanyaradzwa, Voice of Peace Children Homes and Esteemed Children Trust. A coordination meeting is yet to be conducted through virtual meeting. Submission of quarterly reports was done by some members. Children are doing fine in the respective homes with exam classes returning to school after the COVID-19 lockdown.


In this quarter of project implementation, the following were the challenge faced:

1.- Hyperinflation remains the common challenge resulting in exorbitant prices for commodities.

2.- COVID-19 pandemic was also a challenge since it limited movement and association with

other members

Future Plans

In the subsequent quarter we envisage the following:

1. School fees payment, training of Foster parents and entrepreneurs

2. Sleep over night for the girls and distribution of hygiene packs

3. Support visit to Tanyaradzwa in Murehwa and Esteemed Children Trust in Epworth

4. Growing of vegetables and establishment of memorial garden (Still ongoing)

5. Expansion and Maintenance of the of the fruit tree orchard.

6. Purchase of more birds, goats and sheep.

7. Construction of a halfway home in Chisiya and campsite in Chikarudzo(Masvingo)

8. Commissioning of the orphanage

9. Christmas Party for the children and Food and Nutrition Program(FANUP).


We are grateful unto the Lord for the continued support from Change A Life Foundation.

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