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Tanyaradzwa Children Home Report April 2022

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

The quarter started very slowly with the easing of lockdown restrictions. All our school going children managed to attend their classes albeit for two months.

Children’s activities

The following clubs and departments were created at the home.

Tanya Choir

While everybody is a singer of some sort at the home a special group was created to lead and sing songs of praise to the Lord. It comprises children from the age of 6 and above.

ART Club

The club was formed in February with a view to nurture talent that is so abundant in most of our children. activities range from drawing images to paper sculpture where children make objects using ordinary paper worked into a pulp and then left to dry. 15 children aged 5-16 years comprise the group.

Soccer Team

Not all our children are academically gifted. Most are very good in sport and a new soccer and athletics club has just been formed with 32 children including some from the community. The club however still needs uniforms, balls and equipment.


The institution currently has several projects running. These include the laying hens, broiler chickens, piggery, soap making, grinding mill and horticulture and summer crops. The laying hens provide eggs for protein to the children, and we currently have 30. We also have 200 broilers of which 100 will be for sale and the remainder consumed. We currently have 16 pigs if with two expecting. We hope they will rise to more than 30 when the two litter. Due to the limited supply of raw materials and Covid 19 induced recession, our soap making is now as per order. We have put 4 hectares of land under maize, 1 hectare under sweet potatoes and another hectare for sugar beans. Our plot for maize was voted the best in the village and also came third in the ward.

Future Plans

Complete the other four housing units as well as building a classroom block for the crèche and first grade kids. We also intend to refurbish our church as currently the roof is now bad.

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