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Rose of Sharon Report December 2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The aim of Rose of Sharon is to focus on making the abandoned children achieve their dreams through education and live hood skills. The vision of Rose of Sharon emphasizes that learning is reflected in both education and Christianity.

Rose of Sharon also considers activities such as farming projects (both poultry and crop) to be very crucial and these are held throughout the year by every child. This report has been refined to provide analysis on how it has progressed so far in terms of education, projects and activities.

Our newly opened library

This year’s progress has been noted in a number of areas especially education. This has been noted in the development of our school and it's systems. Advancements have been made in the structure of the school to enhance the children studies and other working spaces for students have been revamped. This year the school has progressed by creating a well maintained library in order to give the children space for studying as well as inserting a reading culture in them.

The school has also advanced in creating a friendly environment for the children by creating and outdoor space for the students to play and carry out door activities.

Our hardworking teaching staff

As far as our education is concerned there has been a great progress in the academics due to strict measures in the selection of teaching staff. Rose of Sharon has been working tirelessly to ensure that every child achieves the best results. The school has also been very intentional in identifying opportunities for improvement. One of the best achievements is that of Antony Kasi a bright student who has been assisted with Rose of Sharon since the age of thirteen years. Antony always showed great potential in his school work and has worked very hard to archive the highest grades at the school.

Our Sanctuary

One of the main aims of Rose of Sharon is to ensure the children are raised in a Christian environment. There has been a great progress in improving this idea. A sanctuary was built in order to enhance the Christian environment. The sanctuary is meant for prayers, devotions and worshiping by the children, staff members and the entire community.

Our church It is well maintained and it caters for more than hundred people.

Our livelihood skills

Progress has been made in livelihood projects by the children. It should be noted that Rose does not only focus on academics but also on the livelihood skills such as poultry, garden and maize field and this helps them to train both their hands and minds. This year the children have been put in groups and each group has a different project to carry out. The children received several trainings so that they can carry out the projects effectively

Panashe Mukuzo Our future Farmer

This year the children have advanced in their poultry project that is broiler chicken rearing. Each child has a role to play in checking the health of the chickens and cleaning the fowl run.They also ensure that the chickens are safe from bad weather and insects. The children have advanced in feeding the chickens properly and the number of chickens dying is decreasing. Since meat has become very expensive in our country the poultry project has resulted in the improvement of the children’s diet because a child can now eat one or two chickens every month.The project has also helped the children in their garden project as it provides free and natural manure. Above all the poultry project has helped in changing the children’s mentality and has taught them that not all things come for free and one should be in a position to use their hands and mind with speed at any given time especially in future. Panashe Mukuzo is a young boy who has always shown passion in poultry with a dream of becoming a farmer. This year he has succeeded to feed and rear fifty chickens. His project was very successful and managed to feed all the children in the previous month. Mukuzo wishes to continue with his projects and enhancing his poultry studies in the near future.

Our Garden

We continued our gardening program with each home having its own garden with vegetables such as rape, tomatoes, spinach and onions. The gardens are helping them to maintain a healthy diet and cut costs for the organization. These have been very successful, due to the trainings and the education that the children are received last year and improvement is being noticed every day

Maize fields

Progress has also been noted in our maize fields and the children have been taking part in the fields throughout the season. Rose of Sharon has three maze fields and these have been well maintained by the children themselves. Every child has been actively involved in all the operations that have carried out in the fields since it is the most important crop for food security

Challenges and Futures Plans

Due to economic, we have been facing a lot of challenges in buying text books for the children. We need all the support we can to complete our library work for our kids.

In our near futures plans our desired is to build a bigger place in order to cater for more children

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