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We are really grateful with the support extended towards Horizon Zimbabwe.

Second quarter of 2021 has availed different variables that brings joy and concerns over Covid-19 induced factors. The commitment, dedication and sacrificing of supporters and field workers ( Pastor Tatenda Gunguwo and team) to ensuring support towards orphans and vulnerable groups of societies. This report contains statistical reports of children under our care, beneficiaries, and projects being run and sustainable projects performance.

Highlights and Success Stories

  • Daniel Academy School – Dzivaresekwa at roof level

  • Borrowdale Children’s home awaits review and registration

  • Crops production yields 2 tons of maize and 4 tons of ground nuts

  • Pass rate for Ordinary levels at 60% despite Covid-19 effects

  • Food distribution to Orphans and vulnerable groups continues

Horizon Zimbabwe continue to help orphans and the vulnerable through

  • Educational Empowerment

  • Basic need of shelter through homes

  • Grocery Hampers

  • Cash Transfers

  • Psycho-social support

  • Career Guidance, Grooming and Counselling Services

  • Life skills through sustainable projects

  • Christian Education; Spiritual Uplift, Moral and Emotional Support

  • Hot Meals – Nutrient and Immune System Boosting

  • Sports and Recreation Activities

  • Artistic Expressions among others

Statistics of Children Receiving Support

Number of Children

Epworth 300

Dawn 55

Dzivaresekwa 55

Hatcliffe 100

Borrowdale 100

Statistics of Children Receiving Support Outside Harare

Number of Children

Mt Darwin 48

Buhera 65

Victoria Falls 30

Murehwa 15

Kwekwe 10

Sustainable Projects undertaken

We are glad that Borrowdale Children’s Home is ready to accommodate orphans. The home only awaits review by Social Welfare.

Upon completion the Home should accommodate more than 60 children.

Bumper harvest from Borrowdale Fields as 2 tons of maize were realized this year and this will go a long way in helping orphans through feeding schemes and food distribution.

Future Plans

Borrow dale Children’s Home is oriented to change vegetable garden into Horticulture.


  • Fish Farming (Fish Ponds etc)

  • Two water pumps to supplement water supply

  • Incubator (eggs)

  • Sewing Machines

  • Maize seed and fertilizers

We are glad with Dawnview Children's Home Project as it is almost completed.

Security fence and some furniture are the only items left for the home to accommodate orphans. Upon completion; it is expected to accommodate more than 20 orphans.

Future Plans

  • Fence (Durawall)

  • Tiling Bedrooms

  • Curtaining

  • Painting

We are thrilled with the Daniel Academy-Dzivaresekwa Project in Dzivaresekwa. The school is now at roof level. Should things go according to plan the school should start serving children January 2022.

Over 300 children are expected to benefit through educational empowerment, psychosocial support, Christian education, artistic expressions among others.

The premises are expected to host a number of activities comprising, psycho-social support, Christian educations, sports and recreation, talent shows among others that are open to the community at large

Daniel Academy –Epworth continue serving children through educational empowerment, psychosocial support, Christian education among others. The school devoted more to online way of conducting programmes due to covid-19 pandemic regulations

More than 300 orphans continue to benefit through this program and we are grateful for its continuation despite covid-19 induced challenges among others


Not all orphans can afford online tutoring hence are disadvantaged

There is no adequate books to distribute in order to smoothen distance learning.

Future Plans

  • Renovation of roof top of the classroom block was partly swept away by rainfall and wind hence it needs attention.

  • Renovation of classroom floors.

  • Renovation of boys toilets swept away by rainfall and wind.

  • Water source eg Borehole.

  • Sports equipment.

  • Security Fence (Durawall).

We are still praying for the starting of Mt Darwin Children's Home construction

We are grateful with the peanut projects that has seen 4 tons of groundnuts harvested this year.

The goat project continues to run and that is positive for us.

Garden project continue and we are grateful for its continuation.


  • Goats’ project has been affected by diseases killing goats.

  • Road runners project is doing well though winter times increases death of chicks as experienced

Future Plans

  • Breeding goats

  • Peanut butter machine

  • Maize, ground nuts and sunflower seeds

The garden Buhera Project continues to do well and the community is grateful for its assistance especially in this era of covid-19 where people are hit the hardest especially vulnerable groups

Hundreds of people continue to benefit from the project.

Future Plans

  • Vegetables seeds

  • School supplies for orphans and vulnerable children

Overall Challenges

  • Sanitary Pads for girls

  • The need to have homes ready to accommodate children

  • Roof supply for Dzivaresekwa –Daniel Academy Textbooks, online distance learning aids for orphans

  • Renovations of Daniel Academy-Epworth

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