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Emmanuel Homestead Report September 2021


This quarter was characterized with children’s and staff education, sustainable projects, foster parenting and sanctuary construction. Activities were limited because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Education and Health Support

The children and the church were in good health during the quarter. We continue to thank the Lord for sound health amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some children continued to learn virtually because of the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government. However, these restrictions were uplifted in August and children began to attend school physically.

We enrolled two more students under the tertiary education support program. One will undertake Human Resources course with Great Zimbabwe University whilst the other guy will undertake Medicine with the University of Zimbabwe.

Both of the university are opening first week of October.

Under staff development , both the Superintendent and Matron are undertaking Development Studies course with Great Zimbabwe University under their block release program.

Life Skills Development

Children were involved in some life skills routine activities like feeding of pigs, traditional chickens, guinea fowls, turkeys and rearing of goats and sheep.

Sustainable Projects


Two of the pigs aborted and one is expected to litter late this month. This will eventually see an increase in the number of pigs following several deaths in the previous quarter.

Feed and medication were secured.

Goats and Sheep

To beef up the herd, both goats and sheep were identified in Mvuma, Midlands province and plans are there to ferry them to the Homestead once payment is done.

This shall be effected this coming quarter following relaxation of lockdown restrictions by the government.

Traditional chickens, guinea fowls and turkeys

The project is thriving well with an increase realized over the quarter. Chickens now number 48, turkeys 17 and guinea fowls 10. Quite a number of the birds were consumed during the quarter by the children. We lost about 5 birds to New Castle disease.

Separation of birds had to be done in order to control spread of diseases.

Vegetable Garden

The winter garden is doing well. To date there are various vegetables grown ranging from rape tomatoes, sweet cabbage, etc. the children are enjoying fresh supplies of vegetables and working in the garden.

Crop farming

Land preparation was done as the summer season drew by. Maize crop together with cowpeas, round nuts and groundnuts shall be grown in the next quarter.

Flower garden

The above garden flourished during the quarter.


The fruit trees are thriving well at the Homestead.

Children and Youth Ministry

Not much activities were done due to the lockdown restrictions. Social distancing was maintained even at the orphanage to avoid infections. Most of the planned activities have been deferred to next quarter.


No significant evangelism was done during the lockdown save maintaining the saints through online encouragements.


The church organization continues to enjoy partnerships with umbrallar bodies like National Association for Non Governmental Organization(NANGO), Zimbabwe Aids Network(ZAN), Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children(ZNCWC) and Masvingo Association for Residential Care Facilities.

Foster Parenting

Foster parenting remains pivotal in our programming as we continued to see a significant increase in number of children under foster care. HIV and AIDS together with these non communicable diseases have wrecked havoc in our society leaving many children vulnerable and hence liable to foster care. the need has been identified in four places, Mashate, Chikarudzo, Muchakata and Mapanzure where church sanctuaries are being constructed.

The foster homes are operating well with the one in Masvingo city being the best to date the home accommodates 7 girls , 2 of which are still attending primary school and the rest in secondary education. There is a spiritual, socio-economic development program which they routinely follow. The girls are doing well in terms of life skills, behavior, personal witnessing etc. the foster mother receives some mentoring weekly from the Matron just to capacitate her and keep things on track.

My name is Pride, I grew up in Zimunya, Mutare. We used to and are still living at my grandparents place since my father failed to build a house for himself. It is an extended family. The house is in Zimunya and that’s where we have been ever since 1990s that my grandparents moved in.

My challenges in life have been to do with finances for school as that was and is still a burden to my father … as a result of him being a brick molder… a profession he has held since 2002. At times l had to be sent home for not paying fees after which God then answered my prayers by getting me helped with Mwana Trust which started paying for my school fees.

However l had to deal with a lot of pressure since l had to master a lot of school stuff l would have missed from school at that tender age. My father would and still supports a huge family of 14 something which burdens him with my mother not working at the same time as the two failed school and could not secure jobs. School was something difficult as at times l would have to borrow school uniforms from my friends, let alone food to eat at school something which made me realize that the life was and is still a struggle and l have to make a change. now with the big family my father supports, sending me to university was a major problem even though l had passed with flying colors at’ A’ level. All these things affected me psychologically as l had to witness my parents quarrelling over these issues too. All these problems motivated me and helped me bring out a passion for studying Medicine in me. I do aspire to be one of the frontline workers helping save lives and help carry out research on ways in which we could help mitigate future pandemics we might face and save lives too. I do aspire that one day l would be able to do something for my community and help make a change in some people’s lives moreover helping save their lives as my grandfather lately passed on in October 2020 as a result of lack of finances to help him get treated.

Thank God for Cornerstone Fellowship International church that has come to my rescue regarding tertiary education support. I also thank EHC Canada which l had is giving the resources to support us.

My name is Shinga Chinomwe. I want to give testimony about my life. In 2012 my parents divorced and by that time l was 5 years old. My mother went away so she didn’t remember me. I lived with my grandmother. My father went to South Africa whilst he was not giving support in anyway. My mother was not even communicating. My grandmother tried her best for me to go to primary school. Sometimes school authorities sent me home because l couldn’t pay school fees. When l was in grade 7. l passed my exams but there was no fees for me to proceed to secondary level. Other children attended Form 1 whilst l was at home. My grandmother went to nearby secondary school to ask for help/ not only fees were not available but even food and clothing. But the most essential thing to me was education. Life was hard at that time but l always prayed for changes to come by and for a better life.

God answered my prayers in a way I did not expect.

The headmaster called Pastor Chibwana to ask for help. I was advised to meet them. It was like a dream because I didn’t expect it. I told them my situation and understood my story. The church gave me books, school uniform and paid fees for me. I started going to school learning with other children not worrying. I prayed to God for a better school in town where science subjects were offered since l want to be a medical doctor. God heard me and was transferred to the city.

I thank God for His faithfulness in my life.

Church Construction

Four church buildings are being constructed in Masvingo district at Mashate, Muchakata, Chikarudzo and Mapanzure. All the sanctuaries are at window level.

Chisiya Halfway home was completed and commissioned in August.


Coordination continued with sister children homes continued, Rose of Sharon, Tanyaradzwa, Voice of Peace children homes and Esteemed Children Trust. A virtual meeting was conducted in July on key highlights on progress.


In this quarter of project implementation, the following were the challenge faced:

1. Hyperinflation remains the common challenge resulting in exorbitant prices for commodities.

2. Covid 19 pandemic was also a challenge since it limited movement and association with

Future Plans

In the subsequent quarter we envisage the following:

  • Conduct PSS camp for children parents

  • Expansion of foster care program

  • School fees payment, training of entrepreneurs

  • Youths outing and children jumping castle

  • Growing of crops and vegetables

  • Purchase of more pigs, birds, goats and sheep.

  • Purchase of feeds for the animals

  • Provision of psychosocial support for primary carers

14. Acknowledgements

We are grateful unto the Lord for the continued partnership with Every Home for Christ Canada, Change A Life Foundation and International Cooperating Ministries.

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