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Tanyaradzwa Children's Home Report December 2020

Due to COVID 19 school and church activities were suspended at Tanya. However, devotionals and morning prayers have been going on at family level.

We have Student Interns from the University of Zimbabwe who have been running composite school classes for our children at Tanya. This helped children not to lose focus on school work.

Our winter gardens sustained us as we are still selling water melon , butternuts, tomatoes and rape . Proceeds from the sales of these are helping in meeting the cost of electricity and purchase of items we don't grow such as sugar and cooking oil. Schools reopened in phases just two months ago and we managed to pay fees for our children from our garden proceeds. No donation was sought or received for school fees.

The grinding mill is now mainly for use within the home, grinding corn for consumption by families and feed for our broiler chicken.

Almost every tobacco farmer in our area now owns a grinding mill and this has reduced our earnings from the venture. The grinding mill itself needs to be replaced as it is no longer competitive. It has undergone several repairs and is no longer functioning optimally.

The soap making venture resumed after a local cooking oil manufacturing company started donating 200ltrs of sludge per month towards the venture. This enables us to make 200 bars of washing soap grossing $170.00.

We will continue saving towards the refurbishment of our church building as it is now in a bad shape with the thatch roof needing urgent attention.

Tanyaradzwa was among 100 local charities that were recognized by the Ministry of Social Development and a local food processing company for our contribution towards meeting sustainable development goals in Zimbabwe.

We have put 3 hectares under maize , 1 hectare under groundnuts and 2 hectares under sweet potatoes.

We currently have 40 children at present.

Tanyaradzwa Children's Home Vision

A Life of Joy, Dignity and Accomplishment to disadvantaged Children

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