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Rose of Sharon Welfare Organization Report October 2023

Stakeholder engagement plays a critical role in ensuring promotion of OVC wellbeing and their inclusion in mainstream society.


We remained engaged with our partners in the education sector as well as general members of society that assist with donations and other forms of support. Our main focus was partnership with organizations such as the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Higher life Foundation and others in ensuring that our OVC get access to quality education. We also engaged members of society and other schools in order to promote inclusive education and development for the OVC.


Primary and secondary education was the main activity for our children. We also facilitated educational trips for the children.


We managed to provide food for the children mainly through the vegetable and livestock projects. In addition, we received food donations from well-wishers. 


Child sponsorship came from the proceeds of our cattle sales from the previous quarters as well as support from well-wishers.


We intend to continue with our vegetables, maize and livestock projects. Additionally, we plan on sinking more boreholes for our water supplies to support the projects.

Funds permitting, we wish to expand and possibly include chicken rearing.


 Limited water and land resources.

Assistance from the relevant stakeholders to acquire more land freely or cheaply.

Assistance to also acquire the relevant water infrastructure such as Jojo tanks and water pumps.


We recommend the organization to build capacity for sustainable projects in order to mitigate any possible hazards and challenges.

 We are so delighted for a relatively successful last quarter and hope to build upon it going into the future.

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