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Rose Of Sharon Report December 2021

Updated: May 11, 2022

We have 120 children under our care. They are all in good health and are attending school.

Most of the children are primary going age and they attend the local primary schools and the rest attend our high school.

Some of our children sat for their ZIMSEC exams and are awaiting for their results.

We have been engaged in various projects which include,

Potato project, it began last year November and coming out well. The rains have been pouring and we are expecting a good harvest so that the children can have a balanced diet. So far, the plants are growing well and they have no challenges regarding the potato project.

Broiler project- our project has been going well with some of the birds consumed and some sold. Money has been used for the bills.

Maize project- the last quarter of the year is always the busiest due to the rain season and which is also the maize planting period. This is the time were we produce a harvest which sustains the children to some extent. Tilling and planting began in December 2021.the rains have been pouring and we are expecting a good harvest which shall be used in everyday meals by the children.

Gardening- we also found it necessary to continue with our garden project. Each home continues to plant different vegetables which include green vegetables, carrots, onions, and tomatoes. The gardens are flourishing with nutritious vegetables which are used in meals. The rains have helped with keeping the vegetables fresh and alive.


We have shortages of income for inputs such as maize seed and fertilizers.

We have shortage of land to plant, maize which can sustain the orphanages up to next year.

Future plans

To expand our broiler and garden projects funds permitting

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