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Rose of Sharon Organization Report April 2021

Our Vision

This first quarter Rose Of Sharon School remained central to its school mission which is quality education and excellence. The staff has been working together to ensure that they provide teaching services in a well-crafted manner. As a school we acknowledge that quality education is vital to every student and this was archived in the first quarter. Our headmistress has raised the teaching standards by thoroughly following up on our teachers' daily duties. During the first quarter Rose of Sharon did not only focus on the academics but focus was also put on our student's personal growth to become strong individuals who are keen to develop leadership skills and self-initiative through leadership classes held by our Chaplain. Our matrons and counsellor ensured the wellbeing of all our students with warm smiles so as to make every student to well engaged. Providing devotion and energy to learn by giving greater access to textbooks and computer access to our valued students.

Opening Day

our academics have been progressing well during the first quarter of 2021 so that the students do not lag behind. Though the times have been tough and challenging but our school had to ensure that the students continue to progress in their studies. Strict Covid-19 health precautions and safety measures have been observed within the school premises in order to curb the spread of Covid-19. School lessons are being held as usual and our teachers are working tirelessly to educate the learners.

Rose of Sharon has been very intentional in identifying opportunities for the improvement in as far as education is concerned this year by ensuring that the teachers are well experienced and are advancing their education so as to achieve a very high pass rate at the end of the year. Our teaching staff is being led by our principal, Mrs Cwesu. She is working hard so as to raise the flag in as far as academics is concerned. Though Covid-19 has left the school activities with limitations is areas such a sport and recreational activities progress has been noted and children are getting used to the new classroom set up with their masks on and sanitizers nearby.

Resource Center

The use of information and communication technologies is of paramount importance in the 21st century and this year our school managed to buy 20 brand new computers to replace the old ones. The students are now able to fully reach their goals by enhancing their scientific and technological research. This is assisting learners to research and attain higher grades. The computer lab has been of great advantage this first quarter since interaction with other schools and students was limited. The children have also been taking advantage of the computer lab and use of the internet access to do their researches, online classes, E-learning and interact with other students. The computer lab has also given them access to know what is going on around the globe. Our computer lab is looking beautiful and well furnished with a set of twenty computers. The computers are user friendly, fast, reliable and efficient to students and teachers. Several rules for the computer lab have been put in place so as to keep the computers in a good state for a long time. The learners are allowed to access the lab at any time during the day with the help of our lab technician Mr. Chishiri.

Our Library

The library which was officially opened in 2019 has been of great advantage to the children during the first quarter. This year we have been very exited to receive new textbooks that are assisting the children to achieve a good pass rate. We are thrilled and grateful for the new set of text books that was delivered at our school this year which will mark a historic milestone for the school. Our librarian Mr. Nyongoro has been ensuring that the library is well maintained and the children received their books whenever they need them as well as returning them on time. The children have been showing their gratitude by reading the books, covering them and ensuring that they will remain in good state. The books which are being accessed in our well-maintained library will also help us to continue to cultivate a reading culture in our children.

Our Boarding House

Rose of Sharon high school has also managed to open a new boarding house as the number of students increase daily. The new boarding which is located next to our school premises was officially opened on 15 March 2021 with a procession led by the Director of education Dr Maruta, our Chaplin Pastor Phillip, our head mistress all staff members and students as we celebrated and cherished the new boarding place. The new boarding place provides a very clean and spacious place making it a friendly environment for our students. It is divided into two wings which separate the girls and boys. The boarding place will not only stand as a boarding but it is also there to empower our students to live with integrity respect, confidence and to maintain the culture of learning and the love of God. The bedrooms are well furnished with beautiful well-maintained beds to accommodate all the students. It has 24-hour supervision by our matrons and tight night security so as to assure safety for our students.

Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life. To impart leadership qualities in the students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school prefect board was formed after strict selection and interviews were done. The investiture ceremony which was led by the master of ceremony Pastor Chisvute, our Principal Ms. Gwesu, the Director of Education Dr Maruta and all staff members was held on Friday April 06, 2021. Parents and guardians also came to witness this memorable event. Beautiful speeches were given by Dr Maruta, the Principal, as well as our invited guest of honor Ms. P Musendeki in which they congratulated the newly appointed school prefects board for their preparedness to take responsibilities. The ceremony concluded with the head girl and head boy speeches which showed that it is a team of committed members who strived a lang way to make this event a grandeur.

Progression, Aggression Compassion and love

Wisdom and knowledge

Everyone has emotions, everyone has expressions,

Ease your pain, ease your heart

Be as sincere as sunlight

Rose hold may emblems, be it sorrow or love

As children we hold a place in every part of our lives,

We make choices that are strange as visions but at the same time they change our future forever, But as we take steps forward we realize our efficient reasons to make better choices. We have certain principles that guides and help us to prosper in life. And as youths we have the right to listen to retrieve and achieve. Don't be inequitable

Be versatile To believe, retrieve and achieve.

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