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Horizon Zimbabwe Report October 2022


We are glad that Daniel Academy in Dzivaresekwa at the roofing stage. We hope to enroll a number of children on the 1st of January 2023. There is still more to do; however, we believe God for all resources needed to complete it. We believe; this is one of the strongest pillars for orphans and vulnerable children’s lives being transformed.


We continue to be helping orphans and vulnerable children in Epworth through Daniel Academy Christian School. We have more than 30 students writing Ordinary level this year. Our total enrollment to date is about 161.

We always offer them Christian education and psychosocial support. Our children have been limited to reading material and online material; to make matters their schools are comparatively disadvantaged. We have managed to drill a borehole for the school.

We are now believing God for the tank and tower for the borehole, also praying to have electricity installed at the school so that we can utilize the borehole and offer other practical subjects and a vocational lesson to the vulnerable members of the society especially youth and the enrolled students.

Children’s club

Sensitization programs is part of our primary goals. We hosted an event girls themed

‘She Counts’ where over hundred girls managed to participate. During the event professionals led topics comprising personal hygiene drive, trauma and mental health care, education and career guidance. There was so much impact with more than 30 girls testifying how life transforming the program was.

We also continue to have children’s clubs, impacting lives between the ages of 5 to 18 with Christian education, sports and recreation, life skills transfer and artistic expressions.

We wish do continue doing clubs to impact the lives of thousands of kids around Zimbabwe.

Mt Darwin

We are delighted with the church building project in Mt Darwin. Horizon Zimbabwe continues to assist in the construction of the church which will be a center of influence to many souls through the gospel.

The garden project is going on well, we are thrilled to be growing healthy tomatoes, onions, vegetables and carrots in this winter season.

The goat project is going on quite well, unfortunately, due to lack of adequate water the grazing ground has not been sufficient to keep our goats as healthy.

The drought also impacted our maize and groundnuts produce; we were not able to harvest according to our expectations.

We wish to do a chicken project in Mt Darwin, we pray to open a broiler project as an empowerment tool within the community with the proceeds oriented on helping orphans and vulnerable children.

We exist to ensure that lives of children and other vulnerable members of the society are enriched and transformed in the love of God.

Love Mercy Clinic

The health system in Zimbabwe continues being a nightmare to many, especially the less privileged and vulnerable members of the society. People are dying due to failing to access health facilities. Public hospitals and clinics are not helping people as much and nurses and doctors are often on strike. Their service delivery continues to deteriorate leaving the public at risk. The private hospitals and clinics charges exorbitant prices for their services. There is not much concern by the government due to more economic hardships.

All these continue pushing us to have Love Mercy Clinic in Dzivaresekwsa operational. A lot of people are suffering from different illnesses. There are chronic illnesses as well, which are more life threatening. The clinic to be renovated on the roof, plumping, tiling as well as furniture to start operating.

Victoria Falls Poject

Victoria Falls continue to do well. We are having children’s clubs where hundreds of children are being impacted. We will continue impacting lives between the ages of 5 to 18 with Christian education, sports and recreation, life skills transfer and artistic expressions. We are also praying to build an orphanage and for our chicken project.


children’s home is almost ready to accommodate orphans and vulnerable children. The home is need of security fence (wall), furniture, kitchen properties, water pump and few interior touch ups. The home is also in need of curtains in all the rooms as well as tiles installation. The plumbing needs to be done as well. As soon as these are available; upon approval of Social Welfare Department, orphans will be accommodated. Children continue to face some difficulties where they are staying. The reports of abuses comprising sexual, verbal, physical and neglect continue rising. The escalation of such cases amongst the children perpetrated by the heartless adults is so disturbing.

We always believe that we have a role to play. Dawnview Home has witnessed transformation of many children and we wish to enroll more as soon as possible. We also want to start a chicken project in Dawnview. It will go a long way in supporting other needs.

Buhera Project

We are grateful with the projects in Buhera. the garden is doing quite well. We are still cultivating and hundreds of community members are benefiting. The borehole has now been boosted and there is more production on the ground. The parsonage is almost complete and we are so much delighted with the progress. As mentioned in the last quarter, we are glad that in Buhera the construction of the church is now complete.

The community members are very much delighted with the project, and many will benefit from the initiative. We are now looking forward to completing the parsonage and the soak away tank.

We continue for resources to continue progressing with the project. Communities will evidently benefit from especially the vulnerable members. We would also want to start a chicken project in Buhera. We would like to empower the community and help the vulnerable members of the society through the broilers project.

Challenges, solutions and future plans

Borrowdale Children’s Home Challenges:

  • Water supply is in short supply due to water that has gone deep.

  • Rooms for kids as requested by social welfare.

Future Plans: Having a green house, expand poultry infrastructure, building prescribed cottages as per social welfare requirements

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