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Emmanuel Homestead Report July 2022

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Schools closed in April and were subsequently opened in May. As usual by the Lord’s grace, a number of children (85%) passed their end of term exams encouragingly including those in tertiary institutions. Performance was high and encouraging considering that the children were coming out of COVID 19 restrictions.

School and exam fees were paid for the exam students during the course of the term. School uniforms and bags were purchased just for a few individuals (five). Again, school fees hikes were common because of hyperinflation.

Of particular note was the introduction of a practical component for both primary and secondary education-CALA (Continuous Assessment Learning Activities). This is a student continuous assessment method implemented from 2021.

CALA includes learning activities, projects or assessment that require learners to perform, demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and proficiency. Some children are still struggling to get used to the concept since it demands hard work but however the concept equips them with practical skills to face life’s challenges.

Life Skills Development

The routine activities of cleaning rooms, vegetable and flower garden maintenance, feeding of pigs, layers and road runners, rearing of goats and sheep were common during the course of the quarter. Some children particularly those from foster homes were exposed to carpentry and construction work.

A few girls were involved in tennis, hockey and netball.

Sustainable Projects


Again, the layers project was expanded by 200 more birds from the 230. About 12 birds were lost to coccidiosis. Therefore, the total number of birds is now 418. The 200 birds received were developed for close to a month so that they would reach target weight. On average a total of 150 birds are laying eggs. The low production is attributed to the winter season where naturally production is low in winter. All the birds were caged following purchase of the battery cages to try and control diseases and ease of cleaning the surfaces.

The market has grown big and at the moment we cannot meet the demand.

We managed to purchase feed and medication assistance from the children though.

The fowl run was also extended to increase capacity as we expect exponential growth of the project.


The Homestead increased the number of pigs to up to seven. One sow is expecting and probably by August it shall farrow. All the pigs were in good health. Some renovations were conducted on the pig sties.

Road Runners

The roadrunners were increased in number by an additional 150 chicks. Unfortunately, we lost above chicks to the cold weather. We have a target of 600 birds by the year end. These chicks are kept at our backyard garden since they are still small and vulnerable. Around 40 birds are now at Emmanuel homestead following consumption and selling of some.

Crop farming

Following the good rains received we received a good harvest of maize grain for the children and animals. Maize shelling is still underway, and we expect about 25 bags of maize grain.

Vegetable Production

The vegetable garden is also doing quite well despite the dry spell experienced in the beginning of the year.

A drip irrigation kit was secured so that both crop and vegetable production could be done all year round at the orphanage. Installation shall be done in July and production commenced subsequently.

The flower garden is continuously blossoming as the children continue to look after it well. The Caretaker does most of the activity to make it look well. We sincerely appreciate his services and are grateful unto the Lord.

Children and Youth Ministry

The children and youths continued to enjoy themselves in the Lord. Besides the Sunday services when they are given days to lead the services, they also had separate forums where they would display or showcase their talents and abilities.

In April/May, they had an opportunity to meet one of our partners and they were actually involved in talent show where they received gifts. It was really a competitive show which managed to parade Gods gifting in humanity particularly these ones.

They all had an opportunity to hear Gods word on the Fathers Blessing and all of them were prayed for so that they receive the Fathers blessing. There was issuance of bibles in the process to encourage children to study the word of God.


Evangelism continued in the district as we saw scores of people receiving Christ as their Lord and personal savior. About 30 people were born again and a number of gospel pamphlets were distributed under the auspices of EHC Zimbabwe. One church was planted in the course of the quarter-Chikarudzo.

Leadership Development

The leadership attended two workshops on HIV and AIDS and Monitoring and Evaluation. These were meant to capacity built the staff to deal with real issues which affect both children and adults. The M&E was meant to help institution to develop a framework which assists accomplishment of targets.

A prayer convention was conducted for godly parents, foster parents and children. It was well attended, and God saw us through and fully prepared us for the great assignments ahead.


The church organization continues to enjoy partnerships with umbrallar bodies like National Association for Non-Governmental Organization (NANGO), Zimbabwe Aids Network (ZAN), Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children (ZNCWC) and Masvingo Association for Residential Care Facilities Trust (MARCFT).

April/May, Change A Life Foundation members managed to meet and interact during the partner tour in Harare, Murehwa and Masvingo.

Foster Parenting

Foster parenting continued in the homes with children being trained in the ways of the Lord. The routine activities continued as per adopted schedule. The health and nutrition status of the children was really good during the quarter. We thank the Lord for such good health. Foster parents were trained in economic empowerment where they were taught to bake bread, produce household detergents, soap and Vaseline. The women and young ladies are now producing at assembly level on a competitive basis. This has seen scores of ladies in the communities coming to the Lord (evangelism tool) and contributions to the church has risen significantly.

Foster parenting remains a critical component in childcare outside institutions and a lot of investment has to be done in terms of training of the caregivers, identification of foster homes particularly from Christians, networking with other homes, and development of a standard childcare module to raise the children well.

One of our partners Don, managed to visit some of the vibrant foster homes to ascertain progress. He was pleased together with his team to see such vibrancy and children being raised up in the ways of the Lord by the parents. The family unit and union were fostered well during the quarter and the children themselves even though they come from diverse backgrounds are now living in harmony with each other.

The church is continuously being encouraged to chip in and assist these homes. The idea has been adopted by some and hence scores of believers are offering their Laboure to the orphanage.

However, toys, food and medication were provided adequately to the foster homes despite the hyperinflationary environment common in our nation. Vegetables continued to be supplied from the backyard garden. Foster parenting training was conducted targeting the godly parents. 25 parents attended the training workshop. The training was really a success.

Church Construction

One church building Chikarudzo was commissioned during the quarter. The church is steadily growing with an average membership of 15 believers.


Coordination continued with sister children homes continued, Rose of Sharon, Tanyaradzwa, Horizon Zimbabwe children's homes and Esteemed Children Trust. Interactions were done during the institution tours.


In this quarter of project implementation, the following were the challenge faced:

  • Hyperinflation remains the common challenge resulting in exorbitant prices for commodities.

  • School fees hikes were a major challenge at all levels, primary, secondary and tertiary.

Future Plans

In the subsequent quarter we envisage the following:

  • Conduct sleep over night with girls

  • Establishment of a drip irrigation system

  • School and exam fees payment for the children.

  • Maintenance of layers, road runners, goats, pigs and sheep

  • Purchase of feeds and medication for the animals

  • Conduct a Youth and children outing in Mapanzure

  • Conduct children competitions on poems, dramas, choirs etc

  • Administrative obligations


We are grateful unto the Lord for the continued partnership with Every Home for Christ Canada, Change A Life Foundation and International Cooperating Ministries.

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