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Emmanuel Homestead Report June 2019

Updated: Jul 8, 2020


The eleventh quarter saw the children closing and opening of schools. Two of our A level students secured places at the local universities for tertiary education. All the children returned to school in good health.

The third housing unit was being worked upon in terms of inside plastering and flooring. Inspection by the Department of Social Services for registration consideration shall be done by the end of July.

Coordination activities continued during the course of the quarter. A coordination meeting for CAL members was conducted in Harare at Rose of Sharon. Our sustainable projects, piggery, traditional, layers chickens and nutrition gardens did quite well in terms of productivity in this quarter. Three more pigs furrowed 17 piglets collectively. Two more are expected to furrow in July. The cropping season saw the harvesting of 10 bags of our maize crop. The layers finally laid eggs and are at 15% production. The vegetable garden blossomed.


All the children managed to go back to school having their fees paid in full. Most of them 80% did quite well in their first term exams. The girls under the academically gifted program did exceptionally well. Three of them are taking science subjects which are difficult but however by Gods grace they passed.

Following the injection of more funds towards foster parenting by Every Home for Christ, more orphans (10)were incorporated into the education support program particularly those in the rural area where a church sanctuary was commissioned- Chisiya.Our strategy in programming involves spirituality first and foremost then social needs are met as a comprehension package. This is paying much dividends. Three youths intertiary education are being supported too under his expanded program. The children’s nutritional status was good because of the balanced diet they normally receive.

School Fees

School fees were fully paid for all the children at both primary and secondary levels. This quarter also saw some increases(fees adjustment) in secondary schools because of the hyperinflation bedeviling our nation. We also paid an additional $23 bond notes for six of our children at Shakashe Primary school for food. They are having lunch(meal) at school as a government directive in order to curb malnutrition at school.

School Uniforms

School uniforms were procured for students jerseys, bags and shoes were given.


Chisiya building project presented an opportune time for youths to be exposed to carpentry and bricklaying work. During weekends, few children and youths were taken to the project site to acquaint themselves with skills. The routine activities like feeding pigs and layers chickens continued to fully equip them for life.10 children were trained in entrepreneurial development particularly internal savings and lendings. (ISALs).



This quarter saw quite a few number of gilts (3) furrowing a total of 17 piglets. Five were lost due to congenital conditions. All the piglets were given the iron dosage. To date there is a total of 53 pigs. Two sows more are expecting and by the end of this month we expect furrowing.

One non-productive sow was used to produce food to the children. Because of the escalating prices of feed, pigs are being given masese (by product of beer brewing) which is mixed with the pig concentrate. This indeed is an innovation in light of the current economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

Lot from where we bought our livestock

We bought 7 lambs and goats to revamp our herd at the orphanage. They are still yet to be brought to the children’s home after clearing with the veterinary and police (standard procedure)

Vegetable and Crop production

Following too much rain experienced in the previous quarter, the garden has blossomed again, tomatoes, sweet cabbages, rape, covo and onions were planted. The garden sustained the homestead and some few bundles occasionally were sold to the three restaurants that are blossoming quite well. Indeed sales are low because of the economic crisis but business is continuing as usual.

A total of 10 x 50 kg bags was realized after the harvest. The maize rain was used for domestic consumption and feed for the pigs.

Traditional chickens:

A total of 20 birds are currently at the homestead. Some 10 were consumed by the children during the last quarter and 4 were lost to predators. There is need to increase the number of birds by purchasing more hens. Chickens can be easily disposed of to meet daily needs of the children.

Layers project

The layers project is doing quite well since eggs are now being laid. Laying is still low 15% but gradually increasing. By the end of June 30% of the birds are expected to be laying eggs. Some eggs are consumed by the children (20%) and the remainder sold to purchase food and medication. Because of the economy we are making use of local feeds in order to maintain production. We are mixing maize, sunflowers, millet, groundnuts, and soya beans. The layers are adjusting to this new type of feed. To date one crate of eggs is picked per day. The cold conditions also affects production of eggs as well.


M. Ndlovu Masvingo Assembly Mrs. S Chitapa

Sunday school Emmanuel Mature Assembly Masvingo Youth

Children were involved in poetry, drama and choir. They continue to be active in church by attending services. Youths attended national youth conference in Bulawayo where they were truly blessed. Their theme was Quest for the best (Colossians 3:27). The conference was graced by our mother, Pastor S. Chitapa together with our national overseer who is the National Youth Coordinator, Dr Ndlovu. Our children from the academically gifted program participated in the proceedings of the conference. One was the master of ceremony, the other led devotions in the morning and the other preached.

Children from Emmanuel

A small party was conducted for children who excelled in school and also managed to participate fully in church. These also had outstanding behavior. This encourages some other children to do well also.


Baptism after commissioning Church service at Chisiya

The commissioning of Chisiya sanctuary registered a total of 29 believers who gave their lives to Christ. Eight of them were baptized. The church is gradually growing as we continue to preach the word of God. Peculiar to this community is the influx of elderly people giving their lives to Christ, to God be the Glory!

As a region we also inherited an assembly in the Midlands province, Chirumanzu district were more than 40 believers meet to worship the Lord every Sunday. Evangelism continued in the area and 10 more believers were added to the Church


The orphanage has gotten into yet another partnership with a UK business woman who paid us a visit to have an appreciation of the orphanage. She has a passion for vulnerable children thus promised to cover some of the needs at the homestead. We had an opportunity to take her out to Great Zimbabwe to have an appreciation of the ruins just some 7km from the orphanage.

Potential funding partner Mrs Munetsi in green


A total of 20 women were trained in Internal Savings and Lending. Children (10) were also included. The objective was to empower both children and women socioeconomically. They were allowed to get into groups and begin contributing funds together monthly through individual small businesses like petty trading. Pulling of resources together enables individual to get enough capital to embark on lucrative businesses which is somehow difficult as an individuals.


Injection of an additional budget saw the expansion of the program to cover foster parenting. A total of 5 foster parents (2 urban and 3 rural areas) were identified in the quarter. This resulted in a total of 10 children being assisted to cover their school fees, food and uniforms. Two students going for tertiary education were supported in terms of transport (interviews) and application fees.

The two tertiary education students shall be covered in the subsequent quarter in terms of tuition fees, rentals and food. One caregiver has been identified in Bulawayo where they have secured places who shall live with the students.

One of the Foster parent


Chisiya sanctuary was commissioned on the 26th of May. The sanctuary was built courtesy of ICM collaborating with the CFI church. Praise God for the good work. Dr Ndlovu our national overseer graced the occasion on behalf of the Senior Pastor Dr C. Chitapa. The commissioning exercise got some overwhelming response from the community and 30 people gave their lives to Christ.


Coordination continued with sister children homes, Rose of Sharon, Tanyaradzwa and Voice of Peace children homes. A coordination meeting was conducted in Harare at Rose of Sharon.

The welfare of the children is good in all homes despite the hard economic situation in our nation. All of the homes have embarked on income generating activities to fend for the homes. These activities range from poultry keeping to crop and vegetable farming.

The common challenge in all homes regards hyperinflation which has seen prices of food skyrocketing. There has been food budget reviews every month because of inflation.

As a team we continue to look unto the Lord so that our nation is healed from this economic situation.

After the coordination meeting, a look and learn exercise was conducted at Rose of Sharon. This was meant to learn and draw some best practices from this children’s home. Issues to do with proper documentation, hygiene, cleanliness, building Christian culture, encouraging staff, supporting children fully were talked about. Dr Maruta led the proceedings and it was just awesome!


In this quarter of project implementation, the following were the challenge faced:

1. Hyperinflation resulted in exorbitant prices for commodities.

2. Our borehole was not producing enough water thus water was ferried from outside the home at times because of the high demand due to construction works.


In the subsequent quarter we envisage the following:

1. Support for foster parenting and tertiary education

2. Training of Foster parents

3. Training of entrepreneurs

4. Sleep over night for the girls and distribution of hygiene packs

5. Support visit to Tanyaradzwa in Murehwa

6. Expansion of vegetable garden and pigsty

7. Establishment of a fruit tree orchard.

8. Borehole drilling


We are grateful unto the Lord for the continued partnership with Change A Life Foundation, International Cooperating Ministries and Every Home for Christ.

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