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Thank you for your consideration in being a part of our vision and mission as outlined on this website. With an organizational name such as “Change A Life” one can readily identify our goal. Changing a life is more than providing food for a child for a week, clothing for a month, or shelter for a year–these are essentials to life; but, to Biblically effectuate a changed life involves the new birth found through Jesus Christ. As a foundation we seek to network with fruitful organizations and projects that nurture humanitarian needs, along with training and educational skills, to jointly achieve our mission.


Read more about the Founder's Personal Journals in Tanyarwadzwa & Katawa Zimbabwe, as well as Bihinaayili, Ghana.  Also please visit our blog for breaking news and current updates!


A Message From The Founders:


For my father and mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.

Psalm 27:10

Our Mission

The mission of Change A Life Foundation is to bring together resources, acting upon and resulting in positive life changes.

Our Mission

Our Vision

This Foundation exists to reach people of all nations for Christ so they in turn can disciple change in the lives of others.


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